It’s Show Time!!!

Start time for the show is 9 am

When you arrive, please look for the Trailer Parking and Car parking signs.

Trailers will enter the driveway into the field where the pylons. Parking attendants will be available to guide you.

Please send only one person for your group to the office to pick up your entry package. Envelope will contain your number, 2 safety pins and the patterns for classes you have entered. Patterns will also be posted at the office.

If you would like to warm up your horse, please do so in the sand ring only. There is a mounting block available to use in the sand ring. Paddock by the barn is NOT to be used for warm up. Please walk your horse in all other areas( no jogging or loping down the driveway) for safety.

There will be NO food available to purchase during the show. There will be drinks available for purchase at the show office. There is a Tim Hortons and other food available 10 min away in Hagersville or Cayuga.

There is water for horses available near the trailer area where you can fill up your buckets. Water trough by the barn is for WhiteHaven Horses only.

There will also be a porta-potty near the trailer parking area.

Please do not enter the barn. Restricted to WhiteHaven owners and boarders only.

To prevent the spread of any illnesses, please do not allow horses that do not live together to touch noses.

All classes will have a walk through prior to the start of the class.

Please be ready in the paddock area beside the entrance to the obstacle area when the person before you is competing. Order of go will be posted at the gate. Our wonderful announcer will also let us all know who is on course, on deck and in the hole.

Ribbons will be presented following each class with photographs of winners being taken also.

Horses are not allowed in show/ obstacle course area except when competing. Opportunity will be given at the end of the show for anyone to use the obstacles and try any you may have had trouble with.

Order of classes will be:

In Hand







There will be a short lunch break at an appropriate time, probably after Youth. Please listen for announcements.

There is a wheelbarrow and pick fork near the trailer area. Please pick up your manure around your trailer before you leave.

Our photographer will be in the park to take photos during the show. A link to her website will be made available to purchase photos if you like.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me by text 905-541-3337

Connie White